Storm v0.5.100

  • adding two new demoscenes
  • adding point-match node (see “granular_fastCloth” demo scene)
  • force node strength can depend on point normals
  • write node allows to output an xform per point

Storm v0.5.120

  • better smoke flow in smaller scales
  • can directly convert smoke/fog into meshes
  • trail node can handle substeps as well
  • adding volume invert node
  • fixing granular upres solver node crash
  • holding shift while clicking on “add collider” & “change geo” buttons brings up a filebrowser to storm’s geo folder
  • adding one more smoke demo scene/updating others
  • fixing “allow sleeping to get moved” option for granular system
  • procedurals evaluation bugfix
  • faster visibility toggle
  • fixing reconnecting nodes not updating
  • improved smoke collision
  • stitched alembics start on correct frame
  • further bugfixes & smaller interface changes

Storm v0.5.132

  • read nodes handle static meshes more quickly
  • node evaluation and display bugs fixed
  • cache writing & macos version more stable
  • mesher can handle empty inputs
  • nodes can handle relative paths
  • fixing dynamic nodes not showing output
  • visibility toggling via “1” key improved
  • geo attributes panel columns sizes adjusted
  • adding an explore scene file location menu entry to file menu
  • adding basic smoke setup entry to add objects menu
  • fixing smoke emission node for fog inputs & adding max mode for velocity emission
  • point node can create point without input
  • parameter references work together with @-expressions
  • more bugfixes

Storm v0.5.190

  • smoke emit node has a density clamp value
  • particle friction effect increased (cpu)
  • foam-emit node: adding snap parameter and can reduce emission amount
  • scaling manips proportional
  • improved param eval speed
  • force object: reordered params
  • bugfixes

Storm v0.5.186

  • noise expression function fix
  • foam & spray gravity reversed
  • adding $GEO env variable
  • emitting from nodes into systems more stable
  • deform node fix
  • fixing write node bug
  • bugfix

Storm v0.5.181

  • adding attrib-add node
  • adding collide-classic node
  • adding experimental spray node
  • adding experimental foam node
  • colliders can now fully pin granular particles when setting “Stick Strength” to 1 and enabling “Transform Stick”
  • viewport normals improved for node viewport display
  • camera node is moveable while looking through it
  • obj-file reader stability improved
  • import-system node and others can pick “classic” systems via right clicking parameter field
  • mouse wheel support in viewport
  • viewport picking stability improved
  • bugfixes

Storm v0.5.163

– fixing node deletion crash
– fixing transform node ui viewport issue
– change geo button also works for read nodes

Storm v0.5.162

– new three entry menu for particle rendering style
– per particle size attribute will show in viewport scalings
– improved screen dpi related scalings
– import system imports density & pressure for sph
– improved particle friction to colliders
– plus collider gravity dependent friction and improved static friction
– colliders can get easily inverted
– improved Source uv and velocity interpolation
– attrib-set node can also operate on bool and int attributes now
– improved geo attribute panel column size display
– simpler and new mesher default operation with improved surface
– improved scatter node for surface volumes
– noise node can bet to operate only on positions and/or velocities
– adding attrib-scale node
– adding color-by-vel node
– bugfix project node’s empty attrib creation
– bugfix write node’s read-back function
– make playblast handles one-word paths
– bugfixes

Storm v0.146

  • new Alembic geometry import and cache export option
  • Undo & Redo
  • Copy & Paste
  • keyframing by expressions and also some hotkeys for keying translation, rotation and scale directly (Shift+W now sets a translation keyframe, this replaces the old shortcut Shift+W for changing the manipuator space which is now controlled by the shortcut “M”)
  • the timeline is more active – moving it updates animations now as well
  • STORM_LIC_DIR environment variable can be used to specify the folder where the license file resides in
  • colliders are invertible now
  • bugfixes