Storm v0.5.402

  • fixing collisions for granular system
  • adding triangulate node

Storm v0.5.400

  • Read node triangulates alembic polys with more than 4 vertices
  • adding granular solver as a node that allows polys to tear and keep their volume (experimental)
  • fixing force object

Storm v0.5.194

  • licensing changes
  • collider transform stick tweaks
  • some parameter name tweaks

Storm v0.5.093

  • system forces can load alembic meshes for transform parenting
  • emit node copies custom attribs
  • splitnode crash fix
  • pointnode color fix
  • copy node copies custom attribs

Storm v0.5.100

  • adding two new demoscenes
  • adding point-match node (see “granular_fastCloth” demo scene)
  • force node strength can depend on point normals
  • write node allows to output an xform per point

Storm v0.5.120

  • better smoke flow in smaller scales
  • can directly convert smoke/fog into meshes
  • trail node can handle substeps as well
  • adding volume invert node
  • fixing granular upres solver node crash
  • holding shift while clicking on “add collider” & “change geo” buttons brings up a filebrowser to storm’s geo folder
  • adding one more smoke demo scene/updating others
  • fixing “allow sleeping to get moved” option for granular system
  • procedurals evaluation bugfix
  • faster visibility toggle
  • fixing reconnecting nodes not updating
  • improved smoke collision
  • stitched alembics start on correct frame
  • further bugfixes & smaller interface changes