Storm v0.5.162

– new three entry menu for particle rendering style
– per particle size attribute will show in viewport scalings
– improved screen dpi related scalings
– import system imports density & pressure for sph
– improved particle friction to colliders
– plus collider gravity dependent friction and improved static friction
– colliders can get easily inverted
– improved Source uv and velocity interpolation
– attrib-set node can also operate on bool and int attributes now
– improved geo attribute panel column size display
– simpler and new mesher default operation with improved surface
– improved scatter node for surface volumes
– noise node can bet to operate only on positions and/or velocities
– adding attrib-scale node
– adding color-by-vel node
– bugfix project node’s empty attrib creation
– bugfix write node’s read-back function
– make playblast handles one-word paths
– bugfixes