Storm v0.6.011

  • adding new node: push-apart
  • fixing attrib-transfer node NaNs in some cases

Storm v0.6.009

  • updating to cuda sdk 12.1
  • fixing alembic write issues
  • particle-to-volume per-point scalings improved

Storm v0.6.002

  • fixing granular system NaN errors for higher resolutions

Storm v0.6.001

  • fixing Collide-Classic “Transform Stick” for multiple objects

Storm v0.6.0

  • adding cloth-solver, cloth-constraints and cloth-guide nodes
  • cloth solver allows for stable cloth mesh and lines tearing
  • cloth constraints can get created by groups and/or merged together
  • adding also visualize-constraint node (cloth only)
  • constraints can have varying “stiffness” and “breakstretch” values (pre-existing as point attributes)
  • cloth inflation force is now triangle area dependent on default
  • alembic importers and exporters can handle lines (curves) as well
  • better weighting added to attribute-transfer node (proximity mode)
  • attribset-node has an added falloff parameter
  • point-delete node can also work on meshes now
  • attrib-set node can also directly use a mesh as a “mask” and has a falloff parameter
  • volume gradient node has an option to normalize and choose output name
  • fixing clone-node (dynamics)
  • adding Mesh-Curvature node
  • smoke-solver node has an option for linear vorticity
  • transform-stick can get enabled on a specific frame (classic collider)
  • copy node fix
  • alembic timing fix
  • write node has the option to remove data attribs
  • Storm additionally supports online licenses now
  • “Transform Stick” also works for Collide-Classic node
  • bugfixes