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VFX simulation made easy!

Storm is a stand-alone vfx particle simulation program that allows you to quickly setup and create sand, snow, rigid or softbody-like materials for 3d graphics. It additionally offers experimental support for cloth and sparse smoke fluid dynamics!

Storm is production-proven in feature film and television projects. It offers a non-cluttered, slim UI and an intuitive and interactive workflow that lets you focus on your shots at hand.

It has been used in series and feature film productions like Game of Thrones or X-Men: Dark Phoenix and more!

Storm has industry-standard and efficient file format supports on-board that let you easily load and reference your assets and also export your simulation data! Storm’s strong viewport and slim user interface will make iterating your simulations a lightweight experience.

A node graph was recently added for experimenting with more generic tasks as well.

Storm is available for Windows and macOS.



Particles, grains, sph-fluids, cloth, fire and smoke simulations

VDB Toolkit

Create volumes, mesh particles, do booleans, erosion and more!


Import and export obj, bin, abc, vdb and prt formats

Fast Viewport

Multi-million particles and high-res meshes are handled with ease! A reduced UI lets you focus on the shot at hand.


Modern architecture to accelerate your sims by using efficient multi-threading. CUDA support for particle simulations (Windows)


Production-proven stable and fast grain solvers!


Download the latest demo of Storm for free below! There are no restrictions except saving or exporting:

…or check out some sample output files to see if your host app is able to load them:


Licenses are perpetual and come in three flavors:

Storm Student:

For scholars.
Non commercial use only

Please submit your student ID

Storm Indie:

For independent artists or small studios with less than 90k$ of yearly revenue.

Running on a single machine.

Storm Studio:

For studios or individuals with more than 90k$ of yearly revenue.

Running on a single machine.

Please see also FAQ for more license information

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