Keyframing expressions

Keyframing expressions have the form of frame and value pairs,Keyframing expressions have the form of frame and value pairs, e.g. with each pair separated by a whitespace. e.g.

An expression like 1001:0.0 1010:5.0 1030:1.0 means that value on frame 1001 is zero, on frame 1010 it is five and on frame 1030 it’s down to one.

You can type in these expressions or use following shortcuts:
You can use the shortcut Shift+W to set a keyframe on each axis of the translation.
Ctrl+W removes these keyframes again.
The same goes with rotation [E] and scale [R].
Just use Shift+E to key all rotation axes or use Shift+R to key all scaling axes for the current frame.
To the keys on the current frame use Ctrl+E and Ctrl+R accordingly.
Use Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to jump between keyframes.