The Camera let you define a perspective on your scene. Besides the usual camera settings like field of view or aspect ratio you can also import an camera as an alembic file. To switch to your cameraview in the viewport press „c“.

Input: –

Output: Camera

EnabledEnable or Disable the Node
Translate XYZItem translation in meters
Rotate XYZItem rotation in degree
Scale XYZItem scale in percent
Field of ViewDefine the angle of view in degree
Aspect RatioRatio between height and width of your view
OverscanSet a margin around your view
File PathYou can import a camera from an alembic file. Here you can set the URL to that file.
FPSSet the FPS of the alembic file
FrameChoose a specific frame or starting frame
Alembic ScaleSet the scaling of the alembic file
Icon ScaleDefines the size of the camera icon in the viewport
Enable Look-Through ControlsIf disabled camera is locked while you are in cameraview
Use QuaternionsIf Storm should use quaternions for interpolation rotation
VisibilityEnable or disable the Iconvisibility in the Viewport