Global Settings

General settings concerning your scene can be found here.

Time Range
Start FrameThe Frame-number on which the timeline starts
End FrameLast Frame in the timeline
FPSFrames per Second. Typically used to match the FPS of your footage, but can also be used to create Slowmotion Effects
General Solver Settings
CFL NumberThe CFL Number determines the actual number of used substeps. Higher values reduce substeps. (range 0.0-1.0)
Min SubstepsThe minimum of used substeps. Increase this value to stabilize your simulation.
Max SubstepsMaximum of used substeps.
Collide GroundWether or not the particles of a classic System should collide with the ground.
Run Procedurals on SubframesEvaluates the nodegraph also on subframes
Display Controls
Show GridDisplays a grid in the viewport
Point SizeSize of the particles
Iso Point Size MultiSize of voxels
Particle Render ModeChoose the style of how to render particles
WireframeDisplays Wireframe
Wireframe On ShadedDisplays Wireframe on shaded geo
Flat ShadingEnforces overall Flatshading
Volume DownsampleViewport downsampling of Volumes
GPU Accel. Volume DrawingAccelerated volumedrawing using cuda. Change frame to see an effect.
Export Settings
Fallback Images PathA file or folder path for png playblast output
Fallback Cache FolderA folder path for cache output