Internal functions

Use internal functions for various tasks.

sin(value)Returns the sinus of value.sin(framef)
cos(value)Returns the cosinus of value.cos(framef)
tan(value)Returns the tangens of value.tan(framef)
rand(value)Returns a random number between 0 and 1 based on value.rand(time)
noise(value)Returns a noise value taking value as input.noise(framef * 0.1)
remap(value, oldMin, oldMax, newMin, newMax)Remaps a value between min and max values to new min and max values.remap(framef,0,100,10,25)
remaps(value, oldMin, oldMax, newMin, newMax)Smoothly remaps value to the new min and max values.remaps(framef,0,100,10,25)
length(vector) Returns the length of a given vectorlength(@v)
abs(value)Returns always a positive value of the inputabs(-1) –> returns 1
floor(value)Rounds downwards to the next “integer” valuefloor(1.99) –> returns 1
ceil(value)Rounds upwards to the next “integer” valueceil(1.01) –> returns 2
min(value_1,value2)returns the smaller one of two valuesmin(2,4) –> returns 2
max(value_1,value2)returns the bigger one of two valuesmax(2,4) –> returns 4
round(value)Rounds to the closest “integer” valueround(1.6) –> returns 2
round(1.4) –> returns 1
sqrt(value)Returns the squareroot of a valuesqrt(4) –> 2
alternate “^”
Returns the value of x to the power of ypow(2,2) –> 4
2^2 –> 4
log10(value)Returns the logarithm of a valuelog10(100) –> 2