Granular Solver

These settings define how the particles will behave in your simulation

ResolutionResolution and Density define the Mass of a particle
GravityControl the amount of gravitational force
Ground FrictionAmount of Friction with the Ground Plane
Freeze ThresholdParticles stop drifting if velocity is below this threshold
Freeze Min ContactsMinimal number of contacts a particle must have to stop moving
Color ScaleControl how bright the particles are displayed
Particle Stiffness/Push-AwayControls how strong particles push away each other
FrictionAmount of friction between individual particles
AttractionControl attraction force between particles
SlushinessInversely controlls the explosiveness of impacts
Constraint StiffnessControls how strong the connections between particles are
Constr. Break StretchMaximum amount of stretch until a constraint breaks
Constr. Max LengthMaximum search distance for constraint creation
Remove WiresRemoving particle strands that look like wires
PlasticityEnables plastic deformation of constraints
Relink ThresholdCreates constraints if velocities between particles are below this threshold speed
Relink every n-th stepControls how often recreation of constraints should happen
Enable SleepingStationary Particles can become inactive and speed up the simulation
Visualize SleepingShow sleeping particles as red in the viewport
Start AsleepControls if all particles should start as sleeping particles
Velocity ThresholdParticles have to move below this threshold to become asleep
Sleep DelayDelay in seconds before particles become asleep
Allow Sleeping to get movedAllow sleeping particles to change position
Wakeup by Vel ThreshWake particles up if faster than this velocity
Solver Details
IterationsMore iterations help the solver to more accurately resolve constraints. Done per substep
DampingGeneral dampening
Clamp AccelerationLimit acceleration of particles
Clamp SpeedLimit maximum particle speed
Initial State Cache FileCreate a Initial State Cache or load one from disc
Track UVsTransfer UV information from the emitting geometry to the particles
Export FormatChoose export format
EnabledEnable or disable the system
VisibilityControl if the simulation is displayed in the viewport
Show Extra ParamsShow some extra Settings for special Cases
Initial Constrain Breakup
Noisy Pre-BreakupUse a noise to pre-breakup some constraints
Noise Scale X,Y,ZControls the pre-breakup noise scale
Noise OctavesControls the pre-breakup noise octaves
Noise RoughnessControls the pre-breakup noise roughness
Collider Stick-Behaviour
Stick Weight Map Inital ValueInitial value of the particle stick attribute
Visualize Stick Weight Mapparticles with stick value over 1.0 will be displayed in green
Un-Stick by Vel ThreshSet stick value to zero when faster than this velocity